Bringing Flutter's power to Javascript for effortless Data Visualization

Flitter is your go-to JavaScript library for high-performance, interactive data visualizations with Flutter-like syntax. Seamlessly integrates with React, Svelte, and more. Experience simplicity and power in one package

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Why Did We Copy Flutter?
Because Even Google’s
Castoffs Produce Greatness!

“Google’s geniuses designed Flutter’s API to be elegant and efficient.

“Copying Flutter’s API gives us a top-tier data visualization framework with minimal effort.

“Flitter offers 50+ widgets, just like Flutter.”

“Need help? Just ask ChatGPT or search YouTube for Flutter tips. Apply them to Flitter, and voilà, it works!”





Flitter: Where declarative code meets 'I declare this app awesome!'

Box model layouts so easy, even your cat could do it (if it had opposable thumbs).

SVG or Canvas? Why not both? Flitter's like a graphic Swiss Army knife!

Adding interactions to charts is now easier than adding toppings to pizza.

Flitter makes handling Canvas events feel like a walk in the park (minus the pigeons).

Who needs D3 when Flitter's got your back? It's like having a math genius for a best friend.

SVG support smoother than a fresh jar of skippy. Perfect for those 'view source' moments!

Canvas performance so fast, it might break the space-time continuum (results may vary).

Rendering efficiency that would make even The Flash jealous.

Our widget library is like a box of chocolates, but you always know what you're gonna get: awesome charts!

Oops! We Flutter-ed with Remix's design.

But hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

(Sorry Remix, but your design was too good to resist! 😅)

Go Flitter around!